KING LIZARD "A Nightmare Livin The Dream"

BLOODBOUND "Metalheads Unite"

GALDERIA "The Universality"

BON SCOTT : The Legend Of AC / DC

PRETTY MAIDS "Motherland"

METALLICA "Quebec Magnetic"

PINK CREAM 69 "Ceremonial"

HOLY GRAIL "Ride the Void"

ROYAL HUNT "20th Anniversary"

HEAVY DUTY "Second Coming"

AEROSMITH "What Could Have Been Love"

ANVIL "Hope in Hell"

Y&T "Live At The Mystic"

REBELLION "Ala Germanica"

CUSTARD "Infested By Anger"


MOB RULES "'Close my Eyes"

SISTER SIN "End Of The Line"

TANK "War Nation"

ZZ TOP "I Gotsta Get Paid"

KILLERS "10:10"

SAXON "Heavy Metal Thunder – The Movie"


MANOWAR "The lord of steel"

ALMAH "Days of the new"

FOZZY "Sandpaper"

RECKLESS LOVE "Born To Break Your Heart"


GRAVE DIGGER "Zurück nach Haus"

REVENGE "Back From Hell Gone To Heaven"

DEEP PURPLE "Machine Head 40 ans"

MELIAH RAGE "Where Nothing Ever Grows"

KIX "Live In Baltimore"

DANKO JONES "Just a beautiful day"

KISS "Long Way Down"

KISS "All For The Love Of Rock"

CRUCIFIED BARBARA "Rock Me Like The Devil"

DIO "The very Beast of Dio vol.2"

TRIUMPH "Live at Sweden Rock Festival"

77 "Gimme a dollar"

REBELLION "The Best of Viking History" & "Arminius : Furor Teutonicus"

CORRODED "State of Disgrace"

MACHINE HEAD "Machine Fucking Head Live"

HAMMERFALL "Gates Of Dalhalla" (Teaser)

BLOODBOUND "Metalheads Unite"

JORN "Trond Holte et Bernt Jansen"

MOB RULES "Ice & Fire"

SLASH "Myles Kennedy 2011/2012"