20 février 2020

ANUBIS GATE "Covered in Colours"

Anubis Gate sortira un album de reprises intitulé 'Covered in colours' le 24 avril 2020 via Nightmare Records.
Liste des titres :
1. Still life in Mobile Homes (by Japan)
2. Red (by King Crimson)
3. Plantage (by Under Byen)

The Jazz-Metal Lounge:
4. Experiment (by Voivod)
5. Chromazone (by Mike Stern)
6. Glamour Profession (by Steely Dan)

The beautiful ones:
7. Entangled (by Genesis)
8. Atlas (by Coldplay)

The eighties corner:
9. To France (by Mike Oldfield)
10. Fade to Grey (by Visage)
11. S.A.T.O. (by Ozzy Osbourne)

No, they didn?t? :
12. Aggressive Perfector (by Slayer)
13. Back in Black (by AC/DC)
14. Strawberry Fields Forever (by The Beatles)

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